Pinturas Aeropostales Recientes, Eugenio Dittborn, 2018

Pinturas Aeropostales Recientes

Eugenio Dittborn


Texts by Laura Braverman

Published by Alexander and Bonin

"Eugenio Dittborn: Pinturas Aeropostales Recientes" is an exhibition brochure published on the occasion of Eugenio Dittborn's 2018 exhibition at Alexander and Bonin. It contains an essay titled "Primordial Marks" by Laura Braverman, which focuses on a pervasive pictorial mark in Dittborn's new works—parallel, diagonal lines which Dittborn has referred to as "palotes" (in English, “pre-writing strokes”)—the repeated lines that children draw as a first step toward learning how to write.

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